Lesson Selection...How to choose the right one?

OK… I think I am getting into the swing of this…though still a newbie…

Final question for the night…

OK… First I want to learn Spanish…also I want to learn/listen ONLY in Castellano… However, I’ve tried all the filters and god knows what else but I keep getting lessons spoken in Latin American, Mexican, Colombian… Can anyone help me or give me any tips on how to ask the system ONLY for the type of lessons I want… CASTELLANO!



What about using filters for people from Spain and then check whether they have published any lessons? I am thinking along Members search, looking for people with Spanish mother tongue and then looking for people with the Spanish flag. (There may be an easier way, but I can’t think of one.)

Hi… I am not quite sure about where the ‘members search’ is or flags more to the point… It might be that I am Lingqed out… Thanks again for the response. I will have a play tomorrow… Cheers Andy

Berta and Albert are from Spain.

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Thanks everso…gives me something to start with… Still seems a bit strange that you cant just use the filters to find exactly what content you want. Anyways, I will give these a go… Cheers… Andy

With LingQ you become an independent learner. It is up to you, which lessons you choose, in which order you study them, and so on. You can import lessons from other sources as well. That makes LingQ really flexible. It may seems a bit strange at the beginning, but in the end it is more motivating then a program that has a strict course.

That is why there is no “To do list”. I’m sure you will appreciate the difference, if you study a while with LingQ.


Fair comment… To be honest, I am ‘To do’ list kinda guy and I love structure and boundaries and the like. Something I need to overcome - I know. However, I do like the sound of importing my own material. I am still getting my feet wet with the program at the moment though I will say…the fundamental basis of LingQ is brilliant. Thank you for taking the time to respond. At the very least I am now starting to understand the system a little more. Andy

An afterthought: Have you used the filter “Spanish from Spain”?

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Blimey - what you guys are prepared to do for a rose!! Just kiddin… Sorry but I can’t even find the filter…“Spanish from Spain” theirs a ‘… Spain 2’ filter but nothing else. Though having been given some feedback from another user it looks like you are kinda on your own. I am fine with that - as long as I know…though looks like the best option is to import my own material - though seems like hard work… we’ll see. Thanks for the afterthought - story of my life - ha. Andy