Lesson Quality Control

An issue has come up in another thread, “word placement.” A new member had a question about a Spanish lesson, “LOS MESES DEL AÑO.” A couple of veteran members noted that the lesson contains a number of errors. I listed a few points in that thread, but I think they need to be repeated here.

See that thread for details, and here are my points:

  1. I reported the lesson in question, “LOS MESES DEL AÑO,” as of poor quality, though I am not sure that my report actually was transmitted.

  2. How does one get in touch with content providers?

  3. I would ask for the editing pencil to correct the lesson, but I am not a native speaker of Spanish, so I am not qualified to correct Spanish lessons.

  4. Most beginners can hardly be expected to recognize errors in lessons. How does LingQ maintain quality control over lessons?

I can’t answer your other questions, but I am not a native Spanish speaker, but I am a Spanish learner, and have the editing pencil. I correct obvious errors. If I have any doubts, I ask a native speaker or post a question on the forum.

I agree with you, I think it is very important that beginner lessons be of high quality, without errors.

If you report the lesson through the form at the bottom, we’ll get the request. It may take up to a week for us to process this. However, also note that if you’ve opened the lesson before it will stay visible to you even after it’s been removed from the Library.

To contact a content uploader, just click on their username on the right-hand side while viewing the collection.

I’d be happy to give you editor access for Spanish, but if you feel you’re not up to it that’s perfectly OK :slight_smile:

We rely on our members to report poor quality lessons. Because of the nature of LingQ, we can’t ensure all lessons are of reasonable quality, but if a lesson is brought to our attention we deal with it accordingly.