Lesson pages jump

I am really frustrated. When I reopen a lesson that is longer, I will not end up on the last studied page but rather somewhere in the middle or at the beginning of the lesson. The last opened page is not remembered by the system anymore.

My lesson pages also jump, when I look up lingqs, mostly if it is a yellow word or if I click on a word that is marked known! I end up somewhere in the lesson, which is annoying and time consuming.
I’m using the silk browser (kindle) - and dont even start with: this browser is not supported: I cannot afford a computer or tablet, and language learning should be available on every platform and not depend on a fancy expensive high end computer or tablet with the fruit as a logo!
I really liked the new lingq when it started, but now it’s more and more bugs and less and less productive. Can you please fix that?!


Thanks, we will look into it.