Lesson page not working

I’m trying to read something now, but the page won’t fully load, and no definitions pop up. The left hand looks ok, but the rh is blank with the hourglass. I’m running safari, OSX 10.7.5

now it’s working. bizarre.

I’ve been having the same problem since last night. It hasn’t resolved yet for me…

Sorry to hear you’re still having trouble with this, chirimosky! Would you let us know which OS and browser you are using? Also, is this happening in other browsers (e.g. Chrome, Firefox) as well, or just in one browser?

Hi, I’m on OSX and have tried both Firefox and Safari, with the same outcome. The problem is still persistent: I have no dictionary, I can’t make lingqs and I cannot select words in the text at all…

hmmm, ok, it looks like this was on my end. I have an adtrap, and I think that is the culprit. I just bypassed the adtrap. It must think that side area is an ad, maybe I can whitelist lingq.com. My fault, thanks!

Ah, glad to hear you got this sorted out! That’s definitely possible - we don’t show any ads to paying members, but it may be that one of the third-party services we use on the site was being blocked and was preventing the page from loading fully. There should be a way to adjust the settings to whitelist lingq.com, as you say. Should you run into any other issues with this let us know!