Lesson page looks weird with narrower screen

I always set my browser size to 1024x768. Now on the lesson page, the right-hand-side box drops to the bottom of the page.

We’re aware of this issue and will look at addressing it as soon as possible.

In the meantime, if you increase the width of your browser window temporarily you should see everything displayed properly.

yea, I had a question about that. I cant find the tasks button now. So i cant update my reading or listening on each lesson.

@Minjun_kr - Just refresh your browser a few times and it will clear your cache.

As for me, the lesson page is OK but on the profile page the right-hand-side box drops to the bottom of the page. I use Dell computer (Windows Vista), set my browser size to 1280x800. My two other computers are OK.

I use a little 10" netbook so I have to keep scrolling down to see the whole screen. That box on the right can’t seem to decide if it wants to move down as I scroll down or stay anchored at the top right of the page.

Also I like to increase the text size, which means that the box on the right can’t fit on the page. It goes and sulks right at the bottom of the page and I can’t read the bottom half of it.

What is the Quick LingQ view supposed to do? It seems to just be displaying the lesson as plain text.

I’ve also noticed that it no longer seems possible to LingQ a whole phrase. Is this a bug?

@Helen - We have fixed the issue with the highlighting of words and phrases on the lesson page. It should be working now. If not, refresh the page and try again. Likewise the issue with the box on the right dropping to the bottom of the page on the lesson page has been fixed. It should now scroll horizontally instead of dropping to the bottom.

@dillemme - We are still working on that issue on the Profile page.

@Helen - The Quick LingQ view does just display the lesson as plain text while it shows the list of blue words for quick LingQing in the box at right.

Thank you very much. Now all the problems are resolved after having zoomed out.

If I use a narrow window or a big font, the new version is worse than the old one. Please change the stylesheet back to the old version. A lot of space is also wasted now at the left side of the lesson text. The right box is now overlapping the lesson box. Please!!!

see: http://bit.ly/fuqRmb

In Chinese, I zoom to see the characters better, the result: http://bit.ly/f3GoEm
It’s really worse. Please make the lesson box “flexable” in width, then it should be OK.
And the left margin could be reduced.

@hape - It’s definitely strange and is not supposed to be happening. We’re working on it.

@mark: that’ll be the box on the right that I can’t see because it keeps dropping off the bottom of the screen? Fair enough.

The above described problems are only in Google Chrome 11.0.696.34 beta.
In Firefox 4.0 everything seems OK.

Actually, we have pushed a fix for these issues and it should be working fine in all browsers now. You may have to clear your cache again to get the newest changes.

Helen, that issue with that stuff dropping to the bottom should be resolved. Just clear your cache and try again.

It’s fixed, thank you!