Lesson organisation - completed lessons

I still find the feeds on LingQ confusing, personally, I don’t want any lesson I click on to be added to my feed as I often click on things just to have a look.

Anyway, is it possible to have completed lessons appear in their own feed? So I can see everything that I’ve done and may want to review?

All lessons you have studied or opened previously will appear on My Lessons tab on the home page. Including the completed lesson. You can use the Sort By option on the page to find lessons you are looking for easier.

Yes, I’m aware that all opened lessons appear on the my lessons tab. It seems it is not possible to filter only by completed lessons at this time?

I don’t feel that sorting by relevance, recently opened, recently shared or likes is sufficient as any lessons we look at are automatically added to ‘my lessons’. Therefore, lessons that we are actually doing or have completed can easily become lost. Especially if one wants to review something completed months ago, it seems it would be better to manually add to my lessons, or better yet be able to filter and view completed only.

It would just be nice to have an easily accessible list of completed lessons to jog my memory of what I have done maybe prompting me to review, it also just acts as a log of progress.


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Thanks for your feedback, we will see how we can improve it in the upcoming update.