Lesson notes, translations and videos

I’ve asked on the German forum, but I got no answers until now. So I’d like to ask here too.

Since it is possible to add notes, translations and videos to lessons, I try to add something that makes sence. I’ve added a lot of translations to beginner lessons. I’ve added links to more information or I link to my travel blog with pictures related to the lesson. On Youtue I try to find videos which fit the subject of the lesson and add them as well. I’m asking myself if members use this or if they think there is no need for this information. Do you have a look on such additional information? Unfortunately there is no statistic on LingQ which shows how often these things are used.

I would love to get some feedback.

Most of the lessons I study don’t have translations; but if they do, and I have a question, I look at the translation, of course. On your more advanced lessons, I have followed some of the links to related material. If I had plenty of time for language study, I would follow more of them. I do think that your additions help to make a lesson that feels rich in possibilities, even if I don’t use them all.

I have not yet started studying any German, but in other languages when I come across a lesson which also includes video and / or translations, I find them very useful.

Thank you for your answers.

I add translations to the beginner lessons only. I think at higher levels the LingQ interface with the integrated dictionaries is a great tool to study new lessons. I try to make the lessons more interesting. For example the photos of my travel blog sould help people to understand better what I’m speaking about.

I agree that the higher level lessons don’t need translations. My guess is that I will follow up more of your links later on when I am reviewing the lessons. Now most of my effort is going into understanding them. Later when I am reviewing and feeling just a bit bored because I don’t really like to review, the links will be what I need to “pull me in”.