Lesson Notes for "Ab jetzt lerne ich Deutsch! German Now!"

I’ve added now some lesson notes in English to the first lessons of the collection “Ab jetzt lerne ich Deutsch! German Now!”

At the moment there are only notes for the first five lessons, but I hope to add more soon. Let me know if you like them, and if you think this kind of notes are helpful. I would be glad about feedback and suggestions (and for any help!) It is a lot of work to write these notes, and if they are not useful I can do other things in this time :slight_smile:

Nobody out there who had a look on it?

I’ve looked at them now. Maybe you got no response because the beginners who are using those lessons are new to LingQ and aren’t reading the Forum, and the German students who are reading the Forum are past those lessons!

Anyway, the explanations look interesting. I’m trying to decide how much room I would have had in my head as a beginner to take advantage of them. They would certainly have been easier to soak up than grammar lessons. And some beginners are very interested in all the extra information they can get.

I think that explanations like that will be very good for people who come to LingQ and feel like they need more than just listening and lingqing.

BTW I’m working on level 2, and I think I’m ready for some extra notes there…

Thank you Jingle, for your feedback and for taking my lessons.

Notes took a lot of time, and the only reward is the feedback. So I’m really glad about any feedback. I guess, I’ll need a year or so to add notes to the beginner lessons :wink: (unless I quitt my job)

Notes for level 2? What kind of notes are you thinking of? Which lessons? Let me know.

Better not quit your job until they accept Lingq points atI the grocery store!

Well, I wrote that kind of off the top of my head…But I am starting to feel like paying more attention to the grammar. In fact, I dipped into a grammar book the other day.

Alternate ways of saying things? I’d be interested in comparing a story told in one tense to the same story told in another tense…Just exploring ideas here…

Maybe these wouldn’t be so much notes as companion lessons…

I also enjoyed some of your former lessons where you told the same happening from different points of view. I just studied “Cuxhaven und Zoo in der Wingst”. I’d love to here that lesson told from your niece’s point of view!

I’m not sure if my niece still remember this little story. I asked her if I could tell about it in my diary and she didn’t mind. My sister and I had a good laugh.

I’ll try to make more lessons for “German now! Annas Tagebuch”, the fictive person in the “German Now! Privat” collection.