Lesson not in chronological order view bug?

I imported a lesson, the system divided it into 2, and the the first chunk is no longer in the correct position in the list in course view and I am unable to move it into the correct position. In the edit course (list view) all lessons are in their proper order but not in the studying course view

Hi Jan,

Which page are you referring to as “Studying course view”? In the View Course page, I see lessons in their correct order. Is this on Web, or on mobile?


In the Lessons/Library tab, there is a choice to view lessons or courses. When I choose my course (Dune - Book 1) which I am currently working on importing, my imported lessons are in this order in the Lesson List: Chapters 1.1, 1.2. 3 (1) automatically split file, 2, 3 (2) automatically split file, 4 (1), 4 (2), 4 (3) and 4 (4). 3 (1) is out of order. I cannot move it since it shows in the correct order in the edit course file list. in 4.0 I had the same issue but we could number the files in the edit course list and they would reposition when refreshing the list.