Lesson generating timestamps forever

This topic has come up before, but I’ve got a lesson stuck now since yesterday trying to generate timestamps. The lesson is just a single sentence and an audio file, but thanks to this bug, I can’t edit it, and I can’t use the Rooster editor to get it out of the timestamp black hole.

The lesson is effectively permanently broken.

This automatic timestamp generation thing needs an escape hatch or something to just give up after, say, spending longer generating timestamps than the audio file length? I dunno, anything less than a DAY would be helpful. :grimacing:

Please fix this!

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Available in the Drive now. Another option is to use my CreateTTS audio function which would overwrite the current lesson audio.

for 1.21
→ Added Patch and Delete Audio Buttons
→ Changed Patch Text into a single button

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Thanks! I was a little hesitant to delete the audio, but I was able to use the Patch Text button to import the full transcript over again, and that recovered it.

The transcript was actually about 6 minutes long, and I had deleted it to paste in the corrected version, and that’s when it fell into the hole. Fortunately, the Patch Text feature worked.

Thanks, once again!