Lesson editing - format of "end of sentence"

I stumbled upon a lesson formatted incorrectly and decided to fix it. On the editing page I saw the big “Mark end of sentence” and those “[:]” things scattered through the text. I made the corrections and saved the text, but when I reopened it in the editing mode, I saw that some of those “[:]” transformed into “[:00]”.

  1. What are these “[:]” used for?
  2. What is their format?
  3. Where is the documentation page for the LingQ lesson format? There’s no link on the editing page, and googling didn’t help, either.
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Hi Inego,
The [:] signs will appear on the edit lesson page only if you have “Show/Hide Sentences” option enabled on the left. They are end sentence markers.


When I opened some existing lessons I saw numbers before and after the colon.
Also, as I wrote above, after reopening the saved text I’d just edited, mysterious zeroes appeared before the colon.
Do you know what these numbers could possibly mean?

Yes, numbers are audio timestamps. If you generate audio timestamps on the Clips tab on the Edit lesson page, this numbers will update and original lesson audio will play for each sentence on the sentence mode.


I see now.
On the Edit page of this Greek lesson (Login - LingQ) I do not see any tabs. Is it because this is not the lesson I own?

It helps a lot to know this! There should be a manual where we could find all the little tips and tricks!

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