Lesson creator never auto-creates parts beyond (1)

This happens repeatedly for months now, and usually with a few lesson or course wipes and waiting a few minutes, it works again. Now, it’s hard-stuck in refusing to import the text fully. It only does the first part of say, 2, no matter how little the extra word amount is.

In my most recent incident, the extra words for the 2nd part were only a few tiny paragraphs like this post! I’m at a loss for what to do, as manually finding the place it cut off each time for a whole book is an absolute nightmare. The other language versions of this book have over 300 lessons.

For some reason, my account nearly always runs into problems with importing. Not even half my courses show on the auto-importer unless I manually add several lessons, which is why I’ve been manually importing, but now that’s sadly not working for me either :frowning:

For a while now, it often took several minutes for the system to import part 2 of 2, but today it has taken what I’m estimating to be 20 minutes for part 2 to appear. As was the case with you, part 2 is very negligible in size.

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In some cases it can take more time for additional parts to appear. Can you check again now and let me know if you see other parts?

The 2000 word limit after which a lesson is split is too low. I hope they will raise it again. It is really annoying to have a chapter split in many different parts when importing a book.

I just imported a two-part lesson, and it seems to be working fine today.

Great, glad to hear it! :slight_smile: