Lesson Content Missing

The content of three of my lessons has gone missing. The lessons appear in “My Library”, but when I click on the lesson I get an empty shell. No links. No audio. All that I get is a single nonsense word (“rthyrth” for instance). I had been listening to these lessons, building links, and identifying known words. I am using Chrome and Windows 7. What is the problem? Is there a solution?

@edthird - I saw your email in support as well, but figured a response here was more appropriate as others may experience the same issue.

What actually looks to have happened here is that the original uploader decided to remove the lesson text and replaced it with a single word. However, you may want to contact the uploader directly to ensure this is what happened.

Thank you for your reply, Alex. I will contact the uploader. If you are correct about what happened, surely it was done in error. I have a follow up question: would the lingQs and known words I specified from those lessons persist in my general tally, and would they be restored in the lessons if the uploader restored the lessons to their original form? Again, many thanks. Ed


Yes, we deleted the podcasts from Berta y Òscar the reason is that we tried to cash in the points from the Provider awards from those lessons and Lingq charged us with the “25% Lingq-tax”. Which they shouldn’t have done since they said they wouldn’t apply the “25% Ling-tax” to provider award points. Their answer was:

“I am not able to tell from transfer points as to whether these are result from shared lesson awards. We have many accounts and I can not go in to each account to check what was earned in each of the accounts prior to been transferred.”

We don’t want to burden Lingq having to check 1 account every 3 months, that’s why we decided to delete the podcasts.

edhird if you want those missing lessons that you were studying we can talk in private and see what we can do about it. You’ll keep your Lingqs and known words because those words aren’t attached to lessons.

Hello Berta. Thanks for jumping in. This clarifies everything from my end. I won’t trouble you about the missing lessons. I have plenty to learn, and your various other lessons will keep me plenty busy for now.

@berta - We’re very sorry about this. Cases like this are few and far between, but we want to ensure our content providers are compensated properly for the work they do. I have followed up directly with our Controller about this to make sure we are all on the same page, and he will be sending you the difference. We will also make sure this doesn’t happen again for your accounts. If you do run into any further issues with this please email me directly.

Berta, I might add that we have a new controller who was not familiar with the background of the way you and Oscar share points.

@alex No problem :slight_smile: and no need to give us back the money, the amount is so small that it isn’t worth the hassle.

@steve it’s not a big deal, we’ve been thinking about closing the account for some time now and this gave us the perfect excuse.

Berta and Òscar

@berta Really?

How sad… I was able to cash out without my Shared Lessons Awards being taxed.

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What a pity! I really loved your podcast, it helped me a lot with my study and i really enjoyed listen to it while i was driving to work.
I hope you reconsider your decision but even if you’ll not i would like to let you know that i’m really grateful for the job you did :D.

Can’t Berta and Oscar’s excellent podcasts be shared as paid lessons? That’s surely the kind of content many students would be willing to pay for (me too).

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@mikebond - I believe this has been covered in the past when this discussion was brought up. Premium content is, in our eyes, content that is produced on its own and available elsewhere that the content creator or publisher wants to sell on LingQ. I had mentioned to Berta that if her lessons were offered for sale through her own site, and she then wanted to offer those lessons on LingQ as premium content then this is something we would be willing to consider.