"Les Misérables" upload completed!

I have finally completed the upload of Victor Hugo’s masterpiece “Les Misérables” to the French library.
Unfortunately, another user (now inactive) had started uploading them in quite an inconvenient way, creating one lesson per book (the whole novel is subdivided into five tomes and each tome has a variable number of books with a number of chapters that goes from 1 to 20+). So I went on that way and additionally created a playlist where I included all the chapters, so that one could read the novel from the beginning to the end without needing to look for a new collection all the time.
However, my playlist doesn’t show up when I look for playlists in the French library, so I can’t give you a link to it. And yes, it is shared, I have just checked it.
Some of the Librivox recordings are not perfect, and the introduction to the whole novel is missing. I would love to add it and reorganize all the lessons in one course, while replacing the Librivox recordings with the Littérature Audio ones, which are much better. However, I am not sure it would be worth the effort…
What do you think?

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link error

playlist from Mikebond:

The link is working on the website!(not from the email)

There are 374 lessons!

Sorry! this link was working this morning!!! I do not understand what has changed!!


@jolanda I tried that link, but the playlist was empty.

This link works for me: Login - LingQ

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I’m glad to see my playlist can be seen, although I can’t find it in the library…

I see again, the LingQ library is a mystery!

nobody understand how it’s working!

we need good luck to find the right way!

  • First of all, Michele, thank you for finishing this monumental task. It is much more pleasant, for me at least, to listen to a ver long novel like this than to read it.
  • Second, thanks to kcb for finding the link that works. Once I located it, I was able to add it to my playlists. Just to be sure, I cleared my cache several times and then looked for it.
  • Third, the playlist now appears under the “Recommended Playlist” view on my French home page.
  • Fourth, I suppose it should be obvious that one has to talke all the lessons in the Playlist for it to work, but it was not obvious to me. Anyway, I can now go through the playlist (though I did not test all 370 lessons).
  • Fifth, as to Michele’s question, is it worth the effort to replace the Librivox recordings with Littérature Audio recordings? I doubt it. Somewhere in the Forums or a blog Steve said very few members use the novels in the library. If I am remembering that correctly, and if it is still true, then I would say don’t make the effort. Perhaps in the general description you could give a link to Pomme’s alternative voice.

What a monumental task! All 374 lessons show up in my playlist. Thanks so much Michele!