Les Fables de La Fontaine are not "Begginer 2" level at all!

I’ve seen there’s a course with the Fables de La Fontaine in French, which is classified as Begginer 2 level in the library. That’s a nonsense. They were written in the 17th century and have very little to do with the language we speak and even write today. Some French people even struggle understanding some of the words and even sentences because of the syntax, which are very different from what we use today. It’s totally useless to use this material if you want to speak French and of course totally useless for begginer students. Most classic Literature has very little to do with everyday French, I really don’t think that’s what you need to learn when you start a language. It should be at least Intermediate 2 or even Advanced level. French Literature is interesting to expend your knowledge about the language and culture, but not to sart learning how to speak French and understanding everyday conversations.
I always keep on meeting people who have learned French through written French and Literature, they speak a language nobody speaks here and they can’t understand a word of our conversations. Please, stop learning French as a dead language!


Totally agree. I looked at them and moved on. Now no seek for better A2-B1 material. Maybe Youtube’s.

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It would be useful if the site had a review system for such courses so people could know before investing time in them. I have a few graded readers that have words that according to my frequency dictionary only appear once every million words.


Yes, I totally agree, it’s not just a quedtion of level but also of relevance.

It seems that the level has been updated to intermediate 2. I don’t know if there’s a way to correct the course description too because there are mistakes and part of the text doesn’t sound French… I know it’s possible to edit a lesson if we see a typo but I don’t see how to edit the description.

that’s good to know i don’t know what is relevant or modern material here on linqg in french for beginners sometimes

Well, when you find a a lesson check the description. For example for Les fables de la Fontaine it says it’s from the 17th century. If there’s no info look for the tittle of the book and the author in google. Anything that is from the 19th,18th,17th century won’t be helpful in everyday French. In any case you have to take into account that written formal French you find in most French literature, won’t be helpful to speak or understand everyday French. It’s almost like a different language. According to your goal you’ll need to learn both or to focus on just one of them.