Leaving a challenge

I joined a challenge by mistake and I’d like to leave it but I can’t find a wayto do so. Is it even possible?

Yep. Click on the challenge page. Look at your personal stats for the challenge, displayed a bit further down on the page, on the lefthand side. Where it says your username, next to your photo, underneath it will say “Leave Challenge.”

Thank you !

I want to quit a challenge and I do not see the “Leave Challenge” option. I remember seeing this option in the past.
Is there a deadline to quit a challenge?

You should see an option to leave the challenge on the top right on the challenge page. Right below your avatar and username.

When I go on the 90-Day Russian Challenge page (90-Day Russian Challenge)

On the top right, I see my avatar and username, my rank, number of coins, and a “sharing block” (facebook, tweeter, etc.) but nothing to leave the challenge?

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It’s no longer possible to Join or Leave a 90 day October challenge, that’s because it started 50 days ago.
But, you can still join and leave 90 Day November challenge:

Ok, thanks!