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Are lingq owners trying to shut down lwt project ?
lwt is an open-source software that is similar to lingq but better to learn languages , hosted on the website of sourceforge.net .This web has decided to abandon the project to avoid “legal problems” and attached conveniently www.lingq.com as “an alternative” .mmmm kind of suspicious ,don’t you think?

There are already threads about this where we explained that we have nothing to do with it.
The only reason people thought that is because they suggested us as alternative.


No, I don’t think it’s suspicious.

What I do think is suspicious is that you chose to post here while ignoring the other posts that already cover this as well as countless posts on Reddit and elsewhere that show they had nothing to do with it.

Perhaps it’s time to troll elsewhere.


Searching is a lost art, it seems.


troll? , as this is my first post I had to wait for lingq to approved it, of course I did not find any similar post before, so then I decided to find answers by myself, my time is pure gold and I prefer invest it in language learning, Iam no trolling, I am just asking for information with good manners .

suggesting lingq as an alternative was kind of weird, the way it was done make me think that lingq might have had something to do with it .

No offense, but good manners would be simply asking if lingq was behind it. Your post however suggests that it’s “suspicious” that lwt “conveniently” provided the lingq.com website as an alternative. As if lingq was up to something devious. Not good manners imo.

You are reading waaaaaaay too much into lwt providing the link to lingq. Why on earth would lwt want to send potential customers to lingq.com if lingq was the source of their legal troubles??? That makes zero sense.


actually it’s not weird. lingq.com and lwt are similar styles of software. lwt is simply giving an alternative for users of lwt. why would they choose to potentially help lingq.com by suggesting them as an alternative if lingq was the source of their legal issues???


ok, it make sense , but the way lwt recomended lingq it was more like if it was pointed at lingq as the source of the problem, that’s the reason why a lot of people thought it was suspicious.

I lot of people are are quick to assume the worse on the internet and quite willing to start a rumor, suspicion or conspiracy theory without a shred of evidence. There’s zero repurcussions to their actions in this manner and can be quite hurtful to their targets. Do not believe anything you see in a reddit post, facebook, anywhere on the internet until you’ve verified it first through reliable sources. The reliability of information these days gets worse and worse.

I get that people are upset about the situation. It stinks that there isn’t that option available anymore, but no need to accuse others without evidence.


eh, I’m not sure that makes sense unless the lawsuit was only stopped if they promoted lingq in their shutdown announcement. However, the fact that they removed mention of lingq later sort of kills that theory.

If they were being sued by lingq, why sould they promote lingq as an option unless legally required to do so. It makes no logical sense.

If you think he’s ‘reading waaaaaaay too much into it’, maybe you have more pertinent information?

@x4 —less effective in whats sense?

He’s talking out of his rear. He didn’t even realize LWT was an older open sourced issuance. And looking at his profile he hasn’t used this site enough to even have a clue to make such an assertion. It was a good resource, regardless.

He’s here to stir the pot and nothing else. The very first day he posted there were two posts immediately below his about the same “concerns” that he didn’t bother to respond to instead of creating another dramatic post. He isn’t here to have good faith discussions, he’s here to push an agenda and stir suspicion.


Thanks for your clarification. He might be the same person who knows.

I don’t think this person is trolling. I came upon the same person in a reddit forum and they wanted to just give an answer to a group discussing if LingQ had anything to do with lwt being taken down.

Anyway, I don’t think underlining words can be copyrighted can it? The advantage of LingQ over other software is that it’s much slicker to use and the volume of people and content keeps me coming back. Hopefully will get better with the update too.

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