Learning vocabulary

How do you learn vocabulary? can you explain me how do you learn vocabulary?

Thank you!!

I read a lot on LingQ. Sometimes I mark LingQs that I think are important as level 2 and study them with flashcards later, but mostly I just learn by reading.

Well, what helps me is reading articles in the target language. I keep seeing words and I remember some words just by reading articles in french. I also learn vocabulary by listening to dialogues but I do that for about 30 minutes. If I listen for an hour or so, I daydream and zone out :stuck_out_tongue: I write down the dialogues to help reinforce the words.

happycheeks, I’ve tried writing down the dialogues as well. Just curious… are you handwriting or typing them out? I find handwriting helps to solidify the words in my brain but typing them does not. I guess that’s because can type 80 words a minute… and handwrite 30 on a good day so I have more time to think about each word as I write.

@spatterson - I handwrite them down. The dialogues are the ones from the french coursebook I’m currently studying from. I sometimes make my own sentences so I can fully understand how to use it.

I think writing these things out is good since it will help with remembering the words and noticing the various bits of grammar involved. On the other hand, it slows things down so one cannot get through as much material, and getting through a lot of material is a good way to learn vocabulary. I wonder what is more efficient.

Anyway, the question is not important for me since I am too lazy to write these dialogues out regardless of how useful it would be.

A technique I’ve been experimenting with lately is to translate Wikipedia articles on a topic of which I want to learn the vocabulary, from English to my target language.

I like to use the simple English wikipedia because I can practice elaborating on what is written after I have a solid framework written out.