Learning Swedish via Skype

Hi all!

I’m looking for a discussion partner to talk and chat Swedish with me on Skype. Hopefully you know at least some basic words and sentences on Swedish. I think my level is pre-intermediate or intermediate. It doesn’t matter are you female or male. The main thing is that you want to improve your Swedish skills as well.

If you got interested, add me as a friend on Skype. My Skypeid is graniitti877 (full name AJ).



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Voin toivottavasti auttaa sinä jos autat minä (: Anteeksi mun huono suomea. Mä laitan viesti sinulle!


That is nice that you want to teach Swedish. If you are interested to learn more Swedish just contact me on mathias@live.se
I offer Skype lessons for people who want to learn Swedish. Feel free to try a trial lesson. I have books in Swedish that I use when I am teaching. Also Check out my Verbalplanet account verbalplanet.com

I live in Stockholm in a suburb called Solna. I have been teaching many times before through Skype and also face to face. I really prefer to teach in a classroom but I don’t have that chance at the moment.

Just contact me if you have any further questions.


Hej Granitti,

Jag är Marit. Jag bor i Nederländerna och jag lär Svenska ockå :slight_smile: Jag letar efter någon som kan tala Svenska liten. Jag vet några ord och fraser.Jag tycker att jag kan talar inte mycket Svenska men jag lär :slight_smile: Jag lägar dig på skype.

I tried it in Swedish. I don"t know many Swedish yet, but I am learning it and I would like to talk to someone who is learning Swedish or talks Swedish well. So I hope you will to with me.