Learning russian

I am about to start this language course which is available on https://echoee.com/ and i want make best out of it. I want to know other ways to learning the language faster along side the course itself. Advice and tips would be highly appreciated. Thanks

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@rikesh, hello, welcome :smiley:

My name is Lucas and I’ve been learning languages since 2010, I would like to help you with tips about how to learn any language fast, however after 6 years I didn’t find out how to do it yet.

But I can tell you how you can enjoy this process of learn a new language.

You can start with the base of the language, very simple lessons to learn the alphabet and increase your vocabulary, after some practice you should try read and listen meaningful content, history, science, world, economy and so forth.

Create many lingQs as possible, repetition needs to be part of your routine, listen and read over and over again, when you feel comfortable understanding around 70,80% of the content, move on.

Good Luck.

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You can use a lot of my Russian lessons for beginners here in the Russian library, for example: Русский с нуля(Russian from zero-95 lessons), Первые шаги(125), Базовые модели(53), Начнем(41) etc.
Good luck!

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Definitely use Evgueny’s beginner courses if you’re only starting with Russian since the prof will help you a great deal with grammar and maybe even pronunciation, but you’ll have to learn the vocabulary on your own.

Will you be in Kiev? I just returned from there and it’s an awesome city. Have fun!

From a personal perspective, start speaking right away. Write down some phrases, try to memorize them and get with a tutor and start practicing. I waited 6 months before starting to speak with my first 3 foreign languages and that also worked well but this new approach has made the process much more enjoyable and fluidity gains faster. I understand that speaking without a rich vocabulary can be stressful for some but I think it’s rather enjoyable after your first 20 hours of conversation.

DuoLingo has a Russian Tree. www.duolingo.com

Over 9000 words on Memrise

It has audio too!

And finally www.clozemaster.com for 200,000+ Russian sentences (with Audio).

All of these are free and I find them very helpful.

Also I used Russian Keyboard Online • Cyrillic Alphabet • LEXILOGOS for the Russian keyboard.

I do also like listening to radio echo

First and foremost though get yourself used to the Russian alphabet if your not already. Reading Cyrillic isn’t very hard with some practice. At first you might feel a bit upset about it - why do they have a b that is a v and a c that is an s but it all gets better pretty quickly!

Oh yes and don’t forget the Russian pop music! Here is Vera singing about something, I don’t know what exactly but she seems rather angry about it…