Learning Russian with music + lyrics

On this site you can search for lyrics of different musicians. Often the lyrics page has a video of the song as well!


The following is a karaoke site, where you also can search for specific songs/musicians.
It plays the music without the sung lyrics but with written prompts when to sing the lyrics.

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Here another site of international lyrics with a choice of translations into several languages (I don’t know how good the translations are as my Russian isn’t good enough yet, but the French or English to German translations I checked were quite good!)

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Hi ! =)))

I read an English translation! =))) Yes, you are right! =)))
I only have to pay your attention to the specifics of the poetry and song lyrics sentence structure! =))) Please, keep in mind, for the sake of the rhyme the word order in the sentences is nearly always a bit unnatural, that’s exactly why it’s sometimes called ‘poetic sentence structure’ normally implying that the word order may either be an inverted one, or just absolutely special! :wink:

Again, it only matters from the viewpoint of using these lyrics as language learning material, and if necessary, I can amend those lines, where the word order just does not coincide with that of the source lines! :wink:

They are not numerous, by the way! :wink:

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Here is a playlist of pop music videos with text.

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Thanks a lot for that play list angiemc - there are a few nice songs and the in-video lyrics are great!

Anybody knows of similar play lists, please post them!

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