Learning new words at LingQ

Can someone explain me how to make words known ? What do I have to do while reading a text in order to have words known? Do I need premium for it? How many words can I learn per day here?

There’s definitely a limit for the free version. With the paid version, there is no limit on adding words. If you can’t access a free trial, contact LingQ and I’m sure they will give you a free trial of the premium version.

Hi Darasso,
Free accounts are limited to 20 LingQs (yellow words) they can create. However even as Free member you have unlimited access to all content and you can make as many known words as you want.

Okay I understand, but the thing is that I have 0 known Polish words.
I used my limit yesterday of 20 LingQs and there’s still “You know 0 Polish words.”