Learning Multiple Languages

For all you multilingual people on LingQ, how do you divide your time between the languages you are learning? Do you work on them simultaneously, alternate on a monthly basis, or finish one language completely before starting the next?

avavre1 “or finish one language completely before starting the next?”

Well, I think you’ll never “finish” one language in all your lifetime. Look for example at this extract about the amount of German words, taken from an article published on Wikipedia: “Der Gesamtwortbestand des Deutschen wird auf 5 bis 10 Millionen Wörter geschätzt” = The total German thesaurus might - at a rough estimate - reach the (incredible) number of 5 to 10 million different words. And don’t forget all the idioms, sayings etc.

I personally prefer to focus on only one language for a longer period (maybe for 9 months or even longer), which is - at the moment - Spanish. During the remaining “learning time” I study a language which is very close to the main one (in my case Portuguese) and try to refresh a bit a third one, which I already know for a long time (English or French). My next “main” language might be Portuguese or Dutch, but maybe my plans will change completely.

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