Learning Maori

I was wondering if anyone else is learning Maori using LingQ. I am taking a Te Reo course and am trying to supplement that with some listening and reading (the course is almost 100% ouput focussed). I have found some material on the Ministry of Education website and am currently working through the Ka Mau te Wehi! series, which has videos with transcripts in both English and Maori. Are there other useful materials out there with both audio and text?

I’m not personally learning Maori, no. But this is an interesting language choice for someone living in Europe, do you plan on spending a large amount of time in NZ? Even if you were to go and live there, I can’t imagine you having too many opportunities to use it, especially as a tourist. Everyone you speak to is going to know English.

You could probably try the Maori Television website I guess, or NZ’s public broadcaster (I can’t exactly remember what it’s called.) ABC Australia might have some stuff as well. Good luck.

Sorry, I thought I saw a netherlands flag there. Disregard the first paragraph.

I’ve updated my profile now; I’ve been back in New Zealand for a bit over a month. Thanks for bringing this to my attention digitalis. Otherwise I am keen to hear from people who are learning Maori.

No problems. You’d probably know alot more about any resources than I would then.