Learning Kana or Japanese Works in Romaji?

I was wondering if there will be an area specifically for learning Kana? I’ve been focusing on learning Japanese by just using conversation lessons, so I can’t read the kana/kanji yet. If not, will there be any lessons written in romaji?

We have not really focused our attention on Japanese yet. We can certainly show Romaji if content providers give us Romaji transcripts. There will be issues in terms of word count and dictionaries, but these should not be insurmountable. It is just that with all the items that we have in front of us we cannot address the issues of Asian languages yet. Are there other learners out there who would like Romaji content?

I’ll try to make a Kana, Katakana syllable table in this weekend. I hope it’ll help. Just a moment…yuka

I updated Kana and Katakana syllabary :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot, Yuka! I’m sure our Japanese learners will appreciate your efforts.

Wow! Great, Yuka.

IMO, romaji is counterproductive if you want to become Japanese literate. Learn the kana up front and get it over with. As it stands now, LingQ’s Japanese support has far more serious problems, notably a truly pitiful dictionary.