Learning Japanese the Free Way

Hello everyone!

I’ve written about my language mission to learn Japanese to basic fluency in 3-months and proper fluency in 6-months on my new blog. I thought some people on here might be interested.

The last post has a cost breakdown of how I’m doing all my initial learning for just £157 (about $250). I’m going to add a LingQ subscription on later (currently I’m a free member).

Let me know what you think. here’s the post:

James, I am in Valence in Southern France , and will give you my thoughts on this next week. Right now I am focused on eating and drinking wine, (and visiting wood customers).

頑張ってください! Honestly even after living in Japan for many years and I tried everything. It was LingQ that really gave me the skills and confidence I needed to be to be confident in my skills. I even ended up working in a Japanese company where nobody spoke English. So you can do it!