Learning japanese in LINQ- I AM CONFUSE!please guide me how to start?

As title show above, i am new participant who just register with LINQ.
this is my second time visit and i am still confuse on how can i make use with Linq system.
im not making any progress upon my first day registration since 7 days ago.

Please i need a help from some one who can at least brief me so that i can use the system effectively.
i dont know where to start and how to begin and i dont to waste my money

there too much resource and i dont to mess up and ended up learn nothing

Watch these videos and you’ll learn everything you need to know: Login - LingQ

Ok you should pick a lesson, not too long, maybe the length of the audio should be only 1 minute or lesson. Read the lesson, then using the dictionary’s try to understand the text that you are reading, now listen and read the text and try to understand, then try listening without the text and also try to understand what is being said, you should put the audio on your MP3 player and listen as you walk or drive.

When you are happy you understand everything in the lesson, pick a new. One, then you should from the first lesson move all words to known.

Thank you all…

and u50623; the link is really helpful…thank you

here’s another thing that i want a consult from any of you guys…
there is one moment about 2 months ago where i addicted on learning hiragana that i was so motivated and able to memorize all the alphabet in 1 week. i able to write a word in hiragana while listening to japanese song…but when i want to move forward to learn katakana i found out the character is quite confusing…i cannot keep track with the shape because somehow it very similar with hiragana…so i quit…

any advice?? for me katakana is hard…