Learning Japanese grammar from Japanese youtube


I just returned to studying Japanese after about a year break. I am still just a beginner but I have enough understanding of basic structurer of the language (thanks to Cure Dolly youtube channel - God bless her soul) and willpower to understand native content given it is not too advanced (I am reading One Piece manga and study Onomappu youtube channel).

I personally find studying grammar engaging as long as it is not in “sentence X is translated to sentence Y” format, and I strongly believe that reading things that are interesting to you is the best way to acquire a language.

For those reasons I would like to give a try and start studying about Japanese language in Japanese. However I am not skilful enough to find interesting materials on my own.

Can you help me and provide me with youtube channels in Japanese that are focused on Japanese grammar and languages as a whole? It can be aimed at foreigner learning Japanese as well as at Japanese children learning how theirs language works. I reckon there has to be a lot materials about polite speech at the very least.

Material about language culture and things like that would be helpful as well. So far I am enjoying Onomappu who devoted his channel to explaining how onomatopoeias work.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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Hi toroboro,

Personally, I like Noriko´s channel (Learn Japanese with Noriko - YouTube), and hundreds of episodes have already been imported into LingQ:

Maybe not a perfect match to your search criteria, but definitely a good resource!



There is Japanese with Misa:

But unfortunately I do not think I will ever come across anything as good as CureDolly, she will be missed.


I like her already for the fact she speaks esperanto xD


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Thanks a lot. I am aware of Misa and sometimes is watch her when I need some additional input about some grammar point. However I am looking at the moment for channels that are in Japanese, not English. Are there any videos in Japanese about grammar at her channel?

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I have found those materials:


It is in traditional JLPT format however it looks like a nice and easy way to train your listening comprehension while learning grammar. I think even somebody just starting out can watch it without pretty much any problems. So even beginners like myself can just immerse themselves in ton of material from the very early on. I think I will watch like 10 of those every day and keep it as the background noise.

The main problem I can see is the fact that subtitles does not use kanji so it is not good reading material.

If you know more Japanese material about Japanese please share here.