Learning Italiano

Hello ,
I decided to learn Italian language but I don’t know how to start where I should go !!
I don’t want to waste my time by learning something can’t help me in speaking this language
any idea!! or anyone wants to help me ??

You can start by watching the tutorial video posted on your wall, then read the Help pages starting here: Help.

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The best place to start is by taking a quick look at the resources on the Help page - Help.

In particular, you should take a look at these three pages -
How do I learn on LingQ? - Getting Started
Two weeks at LingQ Academy - Getting Started - Two Weeks at LingQ Academy
Learn about our method - Learn languages from what you're interested in!

When you are ready begin with the Getting Started course on the Learn page. You can choose Getting Started as an option from the drop down on the right side of the page. I also recommend using the Tutorial when you open a lesson. You will find the Tutorial in the Lesson Resources drop down in the dashboard on the right side.
Then, if you still have questions, let us know or post your questions on the forum Language Learning Forum - LingQ: Discuss all things language! to get help or suggestions from other members.

Good luck!