Learning Italian - Slow Progress


I just began using LingQ to learn Italian a couple weeks ago without any prior knowledge on the Italian Language at all. I spend about 2 hours a day on LingQ. I looked at my progress during the past 7 days an I have noticed that I have only learned about 70 words in the past 7 days, and my total Known Words is only around 200. Meanwhile, I look at other people such as Steve Kaufmann and he learns roughly 1000 words per week. This is a drastic difference and I was just wondering if my slow progress is normal or am I doing something wrong? Should I be learning words a lot faster than this if I spend a solid 2 hours on LingQ every day practicing my reading/listening? Thank you!

It’s normal in the beginning. The more words you know the more new words you learn.

In the beginning, especially with your first foreign language, it;s normal for progress to be slow. Keep working at it, and in a few months you may look back at this post and realize that you have made a ton of progress.

Known words increases a lot near the intermediate stage, so 5000+.

I know for my first foreign language on LingQ (French), it took me around 3 months and then my word count started sky rocketing.