Learning German

Hello. I am currently a Junior in High School in the United States. I have taken German for roughly 330 hours in school and have gotten very little from it. I would really like to learn German and have finally realized that my course is not going to cover it. I was hoping someone could give me an idea of where to start, because most of the starting material is too easy but the intermediate is hard. Also I have no knowledge of German grammar, because we just learn occasional words.


Start with “Who is She” and then look up Steve’s introduction to LingQ in German. Then look through vera’s lessons, a lot of them are at a perfect level for where I imagine you’re currently at.

Auf Veras Profilseite findest Du viele Hinweise und Links.

Beginne mit einfachen Texten,das ist eine gute Repetition. Wenn Dir die Wörter bekannt vorkommen und Du denkst,das ist zu einfach,gehe direkt zur nächsten Lektion.
Sobald der Wortschatz schwieriger wird,wirst Du automatisch langsamer und Du wirst Dir die selbe Lektion mehrmals anhören und mehrmals lesen,nachdem Du alle LingQs erstellt hast.

Viel Vergnügen beim Durchstöbern der LingQ- Bibliothek.

@Eduard -
Hi Eduard, if you really interested also in German Grammar, you can use my practical lessons in the Lingq library.
They are in the collection ‘Grammatik und Synonymie’ in the form of conversations with Reinhard and in the collection ‘Schritt f[r Schritt’ where I give practical basic Grammar with a lot of examples.
The texts and conversations you can find in my collections as well:
‘Kurze Sachtexte’, ‘Wissen Sie das?’, “Gespräche mit Evgueny” - you can search them by provider - Evgueny40
But the link to my collection "Grammatik und Synonymie ist hier:

I second what the others have said! Vera’s lessons would be a great place to start. Try filtering the library with her as the provider (VeraI), and trying to listen to a few lessons of varying difficulty. Go with the collections that you feel are at your level. She has a huge amount of lessons, and she speaks very clearly with a pleasant voice.

Evgueny also has a lot of great German lessons of varying difficulty. His talks with German-speaking natives, especially Reinhard and Fasulye, are awesome. For a while I was taking ones that were very easy for me, just because they were so interesting to listen to.

You might also try looking at podcasts from Deutsche Welle. You can download the mp3s from their site or Itunes, and import the text into Lingq. They have their courses sorted by level, so maybe you could try something in the A2 range? (When you get good enough, I highly recommend their “Sprachbar” podcast. Very interesting).


I was in the same place you are last summer when I tried to brush up on my 10 year old French knowledge. The beginning stuff was too easy, the intermediate was too hard. I think it takes some patience to push through that and find your true knowledge level. (Sadly I did not have that patience at the time!)

Viel Spaß beim Deutschlernen! Stick with it! I was very unsuccessful with German until I started using this website.