Learning from music

I have really been trying hard to get my Spanish moving forward, I am very much at the beginner stage and in the past I have been putting more effort into searching whats the best technique rather than actually doing something. So I just sat down and got started a month ago or so.
I started out with Who Is She, listening on my iTunes over and over and then reading a lot but it really is not interesting to me and I would find myself tuning out over and over and not getting anywhere. I don’t want that to come off as ignorant because it is not as it may be the best route for beginners and if it is I will go back to it but I see Steve always talking about what is fun for you will take you furthest. I know at the beginning that uninteresting content is unavoidable but what really gets my juices flowing and what got me interested in the Spanish language at first was Music. Before I even started to learn Spanish I would listen to Spanish music and I know songs word for word. No idea what they mean but I can hear every word of that song and can sing along.
Anyway what I am getting at is do you think it is possible for me to get somewhere in the language if I can acquire words from songs, if the target is to acquire words why can’t it be from music.
Heres how I’ve been doing it. I find a song that I love. I download it, I get the lyrics I import them into LingQ and attach the the song and add the translation. I listen, I read. I can learn the whole song rather quickly. I find I am so much more engaged this way??
Would love to hear some of your thoughts whether its a good idea or I am wasting my time.

Thank you!

I’ve been doing the same thing with Tagalog for a while. I used to (and still do) listen to a lot of music in Tagalog and I didn’t know the meaning of the words but I loved the songs - the music and the singing. It was kind of annoying to look up every single word I didn’t know from each song I would sing, so I would just sing along with the song, not knowing some of the meanings of the words, and every once in a while, I would look up the meaning of certain words that I felt like looking up. Now, I usually look up all the words (at one time) I don’t know from most songs, since there are much fewer words I don’t know in the songs.
I have found that I’ve learned very many phrases and words from songs this way, and it’s helped me a lot. However, when I was doing this more often, I was also studying more formally as well, so I wasn’t solely using music - I was reading some things and learning some things from a book as well.

i am not fun of music learning .for me it’s won’t leads you to be good speaker maybe will help you to practice your ears and accent for me i like reading and listening to a content in the same time i means a natural content then i look up to the meaning of the whole phrase in his contest it’s much better good luck .

Yes, I think it’s a good idea. I upload songs in Russian myself. The advice to learn whatever you enjoy is a great one.

Thanks guys for the advice. I do feel im moving forward in the language while doing so but I think I do need the conversations and content like you have said. Thanks again!

Of course, you can, but only to a certain extend because the content of the most songs is pretty limited.
But the somgs can waken your interest to a new language.
I remember that my interest to English increased after the songs of Beatls.

Music is a fun way to learn words but mostly to train the ear :slight_smile: I usually sing along and look up the words that I hear being repeated over and over again. The chorous is always nice to know the meaning of :slight_smile:

I can really agree with this. A lot of songs use similar lyrics, especially love songs or ballads (in Tagalog, at least - although, I’m sure it’s like this for other languages as well). So, I learn all the words from the lyrics well, but I get more exposure to a larger variety of words by listening to and reading other content.
The variety of the words in songs can definitely vary, though; the reason I like the Filipino bands I listen to is because the fact that they use lyrics and words that most cheesy, love ballads don’t use (of course, I also love the singing and music of the songs). Even considering this, though, I definitely think that exposure to content other than music is definitely more often a better way to get exposure to more words and structures.

Music is dessert. It’s fun and delicious but not very nourishing.

Example, try to learn English from the mainstream hip hop or mainstream (Top 40) country music here in the United States. It will make your ears bleed.