Learning French - dicitionary

Totay I looked for content in French. Perhaps I try to refresh my French.
Only the dicitonary there is not to compare with that what I have in my English learning part.
I there no good dictionary available? It is really hard to work with babylon there.
How works other members there? Do they have other tools?

It’s possible to insert leo?

I meant “dictionary” !!!

Do it, Irene! You are right, the babylon dictionary is not the best. I often use leo.org connectect with Lion, the desktop based version. It is very helpful. Nevertheless (for the developers!), it would be very helpful to have Leo integrated into the English and French dictionarys too. The other languages there I can not judge.

In addition, today I asked Ana to write more in her blog about her experiences learning French with LingQ.

We will eventually add the leo dictionaries. You will have to use them externally for now.

I agree. I also wish leo.org. It is a very good dictionary.
If I feel more comfortable with English I want to start with French too. Maybee next year.

The issue of facilitating different dictionaries for different languages is one of the many areas that we will be improving at LingQ. We appreciate your patience, we are working to improve all the time.

Sorry, I haven’t seen this thread before…
I’ve been using these links:

hi ana,
thanks for your tips but you know eventually, I need French-German :slight_smile:

The other point is, I prefer dictionaries they can recognize when in the sentence a phrase is. My bought babylon version recognize this, the babylon version in LingQ does not.
In the meantime we have dict.cc as link in the LingQ-box and that is the best of all. If I save i…e. “to apply” babylon cannot leve out the “to” and brings no result. dict.cc brings me a result.
The same with an article in front of the none and others.

I like to have the links on the WorkDesk in LingQ because that is faster than going at first to the others in the Internet