Learning english today 10 Aug 2013

what’s up guys ?
i’m ready to start and have fun in english ( speaking , listening , writing ) with each other , so let’s catch that moment .

skype id :speak.chris90

Hello there!

hi , how r u ? if u like to contact me my skype me is up , feel free

where r u guys ? so let’s do it right now , let’s make a huge community here

I added you, I’m Dan ,from Mainland China

Does speaking English frighten you? Ok, don’t worry about that. My name is Lucas and I’m here to help you and show you the easiest way to overcome your fears, doubts, and anxiety as well. I took two proficiency tests and I overwhelmed the Speaking Section twice. In addition, I’m a Ship Planner and I’m constantly speaking in English with many people around the world. If you wanna practice your English a lot with several topics in order to achieve a good pronunciation, vocabulary and tips on how to Speaking smoothly and correctly: Turn your computer on Skype and Add me: lucas.effects. Yeah… You can do it!



Hello Everyone, Tiffany is here, I really want to improve my oral English, if you have time, we can chat on Skype,.
Skype: tiffany.zhan1

Hi there, I would like to talk to someone…and together we can improve our English :))
My skype id is (( elmalah.ahmed )) waiting for English conversation