Learning English through songs

Hello everyone! I really like to learn languages listening to music, 'cause it’s a plasure moment and you can enjoy your learning experience a lot.
Do someone here do the same, through LingQ?
I’ve made my first lesson today, if some is interested in please take a look :slight_smile:

It’s with the song “Teach me how to be loved”, by Rebecca Ferguson.

You can use contemporary material for private lessons, but you must not publish them for all the world to use. You don’t want to get into trouble for copyright infringement!

I had thought of that, but I also thought that it would not be a problem since there is an official video with the song for free on Youtube and since I made an advice in the lesson about the intention of this use of the song. But today this copyright thing could be a big problem, so I think I will make the lesson private. Thanks for the tip.

But you know, it’s something very sad. The industry today doesn’t see in how many ways they can gain with internet spread of information. That’s a huge discussion to be taken one day. Maybe I would like to hear Steve’s opinions about that too :slight_smile:

Thanks for your answer SanneT!

Aha, I didn’t know about the Youtube official video. It is a good idea, though, to make the lesson private. After all, I have read many times on here that we can share a private lesson with our friends. (Edited)

The copyright issue is difficult. I would love to have free access to so many things, but then I have to look at my own family. Both my son and his wife make a precarious living in the entertainment industry. They put in an extraordinary amount of work for often very little return as far as writing for shows etc is concerned. So any unpaid-for use of their material affects their daily bread, as it were.

Terugi, to answer your initial question, yes, I do that too! I’ve been listening to music in my target language (Swedish) for a long time before I started actively learning the language. Most of my understanding of Swedish and my vocabulary actually comes from the music I listen to. I just made a private song lesson for myself today and plan on making more to practice with. Using music really helped me learn, and it still is my favorite way to learn. :slight_smile:

I want to learn German through song, but I am still waiting for Vera to record her cover of 99 Luftballons!


@Colin: I’ve answered your request before and the answer hasn’t changed: If you would hear me sing you would quit LingQ immediately :wink: I know I can do a lot of things. Unfortunately singing is something I should keep private.