Learning czech polski or magyar


This site is in french but I think all people could benefit - what it says is not very long to translate and I think very interesting for language learners.

and of course it could be your first step into those languages.

the epc stands for écouter pour comprendre - meaning listening to understand.

This site looks interesting, Pierre, but I’d better not start reading it thoroughly or I’ll want to learn Hungarian or revise my dying Czech and Polish, while I must learn Bulgarian now!

This does look interesting. I’ll make the TheDoctor aware of your thread, he might want to check it out.

SanneT: thank you :slight_smile: I have already checked it out and it is quite interesting. It is good for learners of Czech as well as Czech people who would love to learn French :slight_smile: Unforutantely, I am not into French yet. But who knows…maybe in the future :slight_smile: I would love to learn all languages in the world…but…:))) The Czech pronunciation there is not too bad, but my voice is better :slight_smile:

No doubt about your voice.

I like 2 links from this site



http://www.radio.cz/ this one has podcasts and transcripts in cz, uk, de, ru, sp and fr

PierreM: I was only joking :slight_smile: Thanks for the link with the Czech literature :slight_smile: interesting…