Learning chinese! Help?

Hey guys,

Can you tell me how I can start learning Chinese?

You should begin by getting yourself two things, a small starter book, and a book or system for learning the characters. These two things and the beginner lessons at LingQ, (as soon as you can read them), and a lot of patience and belief in yourself are what you need.

Ok!! I am going to start doing that.

Thank you!!!

Start from the elements as you did in English. then the characters and pronounciations.

What elements?

like ABCDEFG… in english, which is really the basic skill. can i help you?

Sure, It would be great!!

and i would love to. we can help each other. because i am new to this. so sometimes i need help too. so what do you say?

That’s good!!

Hi,the same question.How to learn english?Maybe we can learn each other.I am chinese.I need to practise english for my job.
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@rodrigo: Yeah, add me on skype: sunqian0818. Or check my email on my profile please. Lets see what you have got already and where to start,ok?

@sunqian0818: Hey, I think your skype name is wrong, because I couldn’t find it. There is just another problem: I have started learning Chinese two days ago.

I don’t want to diminish the enthusiasm of all of you. Rodrigo, I do think that a fair amount of self-learning is necessary before you can interact in Chinese.

Steve, I agree with you!! I think I need to learn more chinese before start having conversations.

@rodrigo: Sorry,it is sunshines0818. Well,it is not a problem that you have to start from the very beginning. It will be fun,trust me, as long as you can work hard.

@sunqian0818: Ok!!