Learning chinese characters (korean)

Lately i have started a bit of a side project of learning some hanja on the side and have found some resources and was wondering what peoples experiences were with them.
I Have tried the following
날노먹는 한
Great but all in korean and has some characters with only 1 korean word like 吐.

Remembering the Hanzai Traditional 1
I have to filter out all the chinese characters that have corresponding korean words.

Bruce Grant’s guide to Korean Characters
Although a hanja book it seems to have a lot of outdated characters with little to no korean words (alot being like 25% for a hanja book)

Common use Traditional chinese characters list (wikipedia)

Hanja Lesson 1: 大, 小, 中, 山, 門 lessons

I have bounced around between the 5 to find characters to put into koreanhanja.app to find words based off the characters. I try to learn the least complex hanja first to get more korean roots/characters with less effort and build a bit of a component base.
Im just wondering if anyone has used any of these and their experiences also any ideas on how to improve this if at all possible.

I am learning Japanese kanji, but I’ve come across this Korean book. It is about hanja stroke order but I suppose it gives Korean readings, you may want to have a look:

And there is also this inexpensive book for beginners: