Learning challenges

Listening to a podcast recently, I heard Henry Winkler talking about “learning challenges”. Is learning challenges equal to learning disabilities? I’ve already heard and read, in the UK’s media, about learning disabilities. Are these two terms geographically different, learning challenges for the USA and learning disabilities for the UK?

Here in the UK you could have learning disabilities and so learning itself is a challenge. (Some people actually describe someone as ‘educationally challenged’ when a person has learning disabilities.)

We all face learning challenges when we want to keep up with changes,

I’d love to hear a US point of view.

Thank you, @SanneT! Jag håller med dig.

In the US, the term “learning disabilities” is sued. It means someone has a condition, problem, disease, or other issue that causes them to have inherent difficulty in learning. This may included dislexia, autism, etc.

“Learning challenges” is not a specific or official term with a meaning all it’s own. Without seeing the context, I’m not sure exactly what he is referring to. However, most likely, learning “challenges” would refer to ordinary difficulties in learning something. For example, learning challenges I faced while studying English included words that sounded the same, but were spelled differently, the number of idioms or slang expressions, the difficulty of understanding people with Boston accents, etc.

Thank you, @LILingquist! I think you’re right, because he mentioned dislexia as well. The podcast is always available (if someone would see the context), Marc Maron episode 593.