Learning a new language for 2012..?

Is anyone hoping to start learning a new language (or re-start an old one) as a resolution for the coming new year?

(I’m kind of thinking about it - but I can’t seem to decide firmly which language to go for…)

hi, yeah, I would like to start to learn Spanish again…after many many years :slight_smile:
I recommend you to pick Czech :smiley:

I will start Mandarin Chinese (but probably not until March). I will also be studying it at univeristy.


I’d like to start learning Russian and re-start Finnish, beside going on with Polish. I hope it’s doable.

I’m really sure that I need to learn another language… but really cannot decide on any.
Learning English would be a got idea but somehow not so interesting because I’m able to understand most content… but I cannot express my self, what should really be fixed someday… Just don’t really know, Esperanto, French and Swedish appear much more attractive… hmm

Warum nicht Italienisch? :slight_smile:

Japanese. I keep trying. That tricky writing system is a bit disheartening though.

I’ve just picked up my Japanese again, at the start of December, but I think that’ll be my primary focus for 2012.

@skyblueteapot, I’m sure you know if it, but if you don’t, I recommend you give Heisig’s Remembering the Kanji a go. I’m currently working through it and it’s helping me a lot with kanji mnemonics.

For the end of this year and maybe also for January 2012, I decided to focus on Spanish which was my weakest language before and is now one of my best known.

For the next summer vacation, I intend to travel to the Netherlands (which I had to cancel for this year, unfortunately). So I will restart improving my Dutch not later than in February. I’m pretty sure, that I’ll resume my studies in all the other languages I’ve already started with (Italian, English, French and Portuguese).

So I don’t think, that I’ll be able to start a complete new one already in the following year. But if so, I’d fancy learning a Scandinavian language or maybe modern Greek. Who knows?!

The pool of target languages from which I’m thinking of choosing is:

(in no particular order)

Russian (re-boot)
French (re-boot)
Afrikaans (re-boot)

Can anyone motivate me towards one of these? (Advantages? Great resources? Literature? etc.)

I’ve sadly ruled out Czech, Icelandic, Arabic and Finnish on the grounds that I know I would never be able to crack them! :-0

Russian because you’ll be able to enjoy learning it gradually over many years, without expecting to be fluent within a year.

Swedish because the language sounds very nice, and then you’ll be able to understand Norwegian (added bonus!).

French because your friends in England will hate you for it! :stuck_out_tongue: (Plus you’ll make relatively fast progress because of your Italian).

I’ll improve my level of Russian further. I’ll soon go to Odessa again, so I should be able to converse better in Russian! Can anybody recommend some good places in Odessa or Ukraine in general?

Rank, I would also go for Russian. You’re just going to love it :slight_smile:

I’m just getting started with Hindi. If LingQ does offer Hebrew in a few months, going by the voting, and doesn’t just get deleted like Hindi, I’ll start it too. These will be minor languages and I’ll not be focusing on them like I do Dutch, Yiddish and French but just a little bit each day.

I’ve noticed that a number of other people want to learn modern Greek. I would love to see this language introduced on LingQ!
I have done some study of modern Greek before but have fallen by the wayside because there is not a lot of useful material available with sound files. I have tried importing lessons into LingQ with some success but I would like to have access to lessons with sound files read by native speakers.

this year I will try very hard to learn English. I need it for my work. Since today I began to study very seriously English. Me skype name lulelule39. thanks

Me too,I decided study seriously English,not about learning a new language as I would not have a good level in English.
For me I think one thing at a time is really very well.
At first it was really hard and now a moment when it is for the English,it is no longer a constraint is a pleasure.
Good luck to all