Learning a language other than English

as a new year resolution, i made up my mind to learn german and got the german versions of linguaphone, assimil and pimsleur. however, after a month, it became all too boring. i certainly needed some authentic content. but the problem is that i have to force myself to do that. 5 years ago, when i started learning english. there was no such problems. english was everywhere, and my college taught in english. so, i didnt have to make any extra effort. today, i almost gave up on german and feel like it is not worth the huge effort. rather, i can strengthen my english. has any of you experienced that? what are your recommendations? thanks

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English is definitely the most ubiquitous language, especially on the internet, but there is also a ton of content on the internet in several other major languages such as German. I suggest you do a google search in German of content of interest to you (sports, politics, history, literature, etc.). I’m sure there is a plethora of content, including Youtube, podcasts, and audiobooks. Enjoy German!


I recommend searching for German versions of things that you already love in another language. This has helped me find a lot of content in my target languages.

Also, if you like entertainment, most cultures have books that have been made into movies or TV shows.

Steve recently recorded a youtube video with Dominik from Get Germanized. Maybe checkout his youtube channel :smiley:

Get Motivated to Learn German with Dominik from Get Germanized - YouTube This is the video from the lingosteve channel (ENGLISH)

Here is Dominik’s channel Get Germanized - YouTube


One of my skype language-exchange friends is this old Japanese guy. He’s like in his late 50s or maybe early 60s now? but when I first met him (when I was 16), he had only been learning English for about a year. He had mandatory English in school, of course, but like most of us with our mandatory Spanish or French or whatever, he didn’t pay attention and lost all of it after graduation. When I met him, his English was already freaking awesome, so I was like… how? He told me he talks to everyone and anyone, for hours and hours a day, and he’s not afraid to make mistakes or mess up because that’s how you learn.
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