Learners in each language on LingQ

Hello! Is there anyway to see the total about of earners of each language on lingQ, or maybe total number of ACTIVE learners?
I wonder also if it is possible in an easy way to see which language of lingQ has the most resources?
I used to try learning polish here on lingQ but to be honest the amount of resources was just way below what I needed and on top of that I was rank 1 on the learners with a very small effort. I studied maybe 30 min to 1 hour each day…

I would like to learn a language here on lingQ as I think it truly is a great platform (although expensive as damn it still is probably the best by far). But I need to know before that the language is filled with beginner resources and has a lot of active learners. I really need someone ahead of me like a carrot…

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I can’t answer your question perse, but I didn’t want to leave it unanswered. Perhaps technical support can. I Bet you will find lots of material to study in English, Spanish and German. As for a carrot… hmm. I would study the languages that are of most interest to you. I know that there are some people who are very proficient and very dedicated to improving and I understand where you are comming from feeling like you don’t have an equal to chalange your skills, however I found them here. In the end have fun. Keep pushing ahead. When it comes right down to it. The real battle is between your own ears and that is where you will find the real competition. Best of success to you. Oh. and from my experience. This is the best tool I have come accross.

There is super amounts of content in French. Audio and Text you can import to lingQ.

LingQ now has developed the ability to copy videos from Youtube which vastly increases content for any language. Moreover, you can readily copy text from the internet into LingQ and make that into a lesson for yourself. Thus, you are not limited to any content that LingQ itself posts, but potentially can access the entire internet for content in your target language. I would think that your “carrot” is being to able to understand authentic texts and films and speak with native speakers in your target language. The new features on LingQ greatly expand your options.

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Hi! I’m not from a technical support either. But I think what you are asking is the Rankings table at the right pane on the Community/Forum page. It shows active learners of the language you’ve chosen to learn. You can see users’ activity over different periods there. And although you won’t be able to see the total number unless you have zero known words, I think it’s quite satisfactory to see where you are among others.

And if you choose Classic mode and go to the Library page. There you can select a level, choose a table view for convenience and multiply the total number of pages by the number of rows in the table to get how many resources there are. I don’t think it’s a difficult calculation. Besides you’re probably not interested in all languages, only a few.

So far there’s nothing else I found.

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