Learned the Spanish R by accident

I was practicing the French R and then magically the Spanish R just clicked into place. I’m not even learning Spanish it just magically happened by accident. Since my tongue has accidently learned the Spanish R, is there any advice you would give me to make the new tongue movements I’ve learned with the Spanish R to make it more French?

haha this reminds me of the first week when I tried learning French, and during that week my nose/throat started clogging up with phlegm and I wasn’t even sick(no joke this is serious). Maybe I was trying too hard to pronounce nasal + guttural sounds. :slight_smile:

In my opinion, the R sound in Spanish and French are very different, so don’t try to “make your Spanish R more French.”:stuck_out_tongue: Rather, for the French R, try pronouncing the H sound but farther in the top-back of the mouth. Easier said than done, but that’s how I learned it.

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it’s a sign from above that you should be learning Spanish :stuck_out_tongue:


Good for you! I agree with Troglodytus that the French r is quite different from the Spanish one, though.
You may try this:
Do a similar sound to the Spanish R but, instead of using the tip of your tongue behinde your teeth, lift the back of your tongue against the upper back of your mouth, the rest of yout tongue stays flat on the bottom of your mouth.
Kind of a “back” version of the Spanish R.
Hope this helps

ahahaha :slight_smile:

this is great advice :slight_smile:

This is also great. It is the same principles as Troglodytus just worded differently.

I think the standard go-to piece of language learning advice would apply nicely hear: drink heavily.

What if you’re under 18 and living in the US? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sneak out of the house more often! My grandpa used to ask if kids these days were still drinking crappy beer like Colt 45 and the likes. I laughed and said “Yes grandpa, people are still drinking shitty beer.”

Are you talking about trilling/rolling your R’s? Lucky you. I can say stuff that starts with an R but when it comes to middle of the sentence and the end, I’m Vladimir Lenin.

The tongue is down when you produce a French r whereas when you trill an r it should be up. The videos by frenchsounds on youtube are really helpful. Specifically:

Also the section on the French r in this article is quite interesting/helpful: