Learned LingQs?

The progress bar in the profile area seems to be OK as far as indicating the number of LingQs I have created. However, the number for “Learned LingQs” has never shown anything but zero (null, ziltch, nada, nichevo). I would assume that if I edit a LingQ, and delete it, the word becomes a known word. Shouldn’t that also register as a Learned LingQ? Just curious… Thanks


Learned LingQs are those that are moved to status 4 from status 1 which they receive when they are created. You can either learn the LingQs by flashcarding correctly enough times that the status increases or by manually editing the status in the Vocabulary section or on the LingQ widget itself. Deleting LingQs simply deletes them and is no indication of whether you know a term or not. Your status 4 words should be left in your account and these are your learned LingQs.