Learned LingQs not showing up

I’ve had this problem for a while now but I thought that I might be doing something wrong. I’ve noticed that often, the number of LingQs I’ve actually learnt doesn’t show up in my profile like it should. Today, for example, I learned exactly 10 new LingQs but my profile shows me as having learnt only 8. I thought that I might be LingQing terms I’ve already learnt (I did delete some LingQs a few months back and I’m reviewing the lessons again) but I can vouch that the 10 LingQs I studied today were completely new ones from a new lesson I never studied before.

I’m not particularly bothered about having a big number on my profile but I would like to have an accurate view as to how I’m doing. How do I solve this?

There is an issue here which we are looking into, however the discrepancy is small and nothing that should impact your studies. The statistics are in any case not scientific since there are inevitably numbers, names, non-words etc, that are counted.

Alright, thank you.

Hey guys,

I’m experiencing the same trouble.
I have 33 known (level 4) words but my profile shows only 13.
I’ve tried different browsers and even computers - nothing’s changing.

That certainly won’t stop me from learning new words giggle but it would be nice to have accurate counts (: (:

There are some issues with those statistics at the moment. We are working on it. Bear with us.

“Bear with us”

I heard that happens from time to time in West Vancouver. Must make it hard to fix things.

Down here in the desert, it’s the darn coyotes!

We have bears, coyotes…take your pick!