Learn spoken Russian through authentic content on Russian Progress

Hello guys! My name is Artem and I am a native speaker of Russian. I wanted to let you know that I started a YouTube channel where I make videos in Russian with Russian subtitles so that you can learn spoken Russian the natural way. I also upload texts and mp3 here on LingQ. So for all of you learning Russian, welcome and if you know someone learning Russian, please, let them know about this project. I want to help as many people possible to learn Russian the natural and fun way. Увидимся на канале!

My materials on LingQ:

YouTube channel:


Very good initiative, I’m really looking forward to study your lessons, but I have to improve my current level first.


Успехов! :slight_smile:

Thanks very much Artem for posting this material. The speed of speaking is just right for me. Good luck with your project!

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Очень интересный канал. Я уже подписался. Желаю успехов

На здоровье!

Спасибо :slight_smile:

Вааау, очень круто, я уже подписалась!

Вообще-то у тебя самый приятный голос, я бы могла тебя слушать часами)

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спасибо большое :slight_smile: