Learn Spanish by watching video tutorials/ Aprende español viendo videotutoriales

Hello, I want to invite you to follow my Spanish lesson in videotutorials. ¡Easy and free! http://espanolenverdea2.blogspot.com.es/
I hope you like it. :slight_smile:


Interesting! If you give us access to a written version of the texts of these tutorials, we could import them to Lingq and use them for our learning process!

Very good. Like you voice and articulation. It would be perfect if you could change the colour of the subtitle; in black it is very hard to see certain portions.

Now I also see white subtitles. That is perfect.

Or, better: you could import the texts of the videotutorials yourself in Lingq (the text of each video = a lesson and the whole of the lessons = a course) and give in each lesson the link to the corresponding videotutorial.

Thank you for your words and your advice. I will be more careful in the next videos to make sure that the subtitles can be read perfectly.

I appreciate your suggestion. I will think about your proposal for the next videos that I will publish… :slight_smile: