Learn romanian

i uploaded a lesson for basic romanian
also feel free to contact me for conversations and other things

o zi bună!

Mulțumesc pentru lectia nouă! However, I think there is a typo: scurtefragmente instead of scurte fragmente.
O zi bună!

Hey aharapu, thanks for uploading that lesson. I never thought about learning romanian but now I think I will try to keep up with it as content keeps getting added. I was wondering if you were interested in getting translations for your text? I already did one in German as I was working through the text and I could make an English one and also Spanish and French if someone was willing to look those over for correctness.
I am just stumbling over one sentence: Acum este ud pe jos. Is it the that’s floor wet, your feet or the bottom of the towel?

@mike - yes, a typo, i fixed it
@chaos - it means the floor is wet. pe jos literally means on the ground and it can refer to very many things. it is a very useful thing to know :wink:
a good example merg pe jos means i'm walking on foot

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Hey aharapu, I have a Romanian friend and I’d like to write her something for Christmas. Could you kindly help me with the translation? Thank you!

Dear (name),
Wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Îți urez un Crăciun fericit și la mulți ani !
Cu dragoste,

Sorry for translating that instead of aharapu.


I’m Adrian from Romania, 27 year old, and I want to improve my english, and also happy to teach you romanian.
my skype ID: adryannn (microsoft account)

Cheers and best regards! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much Madara! .

You’re welcome etvous! Feel free to ask me anytime .

Hello, I am native English speaker learning Romanian. I would love to help you improve your English if you are able to help me learn Romanian!