Learn Japanese with me this year

Hey Everyone - one year of Japanese down, another to go…and another, and another. I’ll be sharing my journey every week. My goal is to get to a conversational level.

Week 1


Great video! Looking forward to following this series in 2020.

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Great, if you decide to record more videos using LingQ please feel free to make a new thread in this section! We’d love to hear it, Nick.

Video #2 is up! - YouTube


Video #3 is up! - YouTube

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New video! - YouTube

New video on output: - YouTube

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Hello eric i really like your videos and I have been enjoying Tokyop veg life a lot. I have used this channel too. It talks about religion it about the budha I thought you might like it… btw do you know any other good channels on youtube with subtitles? 他人の妻を好きになったのなら、態度をはっきりさせなさい - YouTube


LingQ Mobile (iOS) - Learn a New Language Anytime, Anywhere - YouTube New vid.

Miku Real Japanese
Sayuri Saying

Both are decent channels with human made closed captioning.

Here’s a new video!