Learn HINDI Language

hey the guys i have found an really effective course for HINDI Learning. They teach from basics to advanced. that too for FREE and ONLINE. here is the link :-

Thank you for sharing the link. Not many people know this but Hindi is the second-most spoken language in the world and hence, having a basic understanding of this foreign language can do wonders for your career growth.
The importance of learning Hindi has increased in recent years. This is because, today, several top countries in the world are outsourcing their jobs to India, where Hindi is the most commonly spoken language. The tourism industry in India is also booming. Many foreigners are just trying to learn Hindi to visit the country and enjoy the local experience more intimately.If you wish to learn the Hindi language, there are several websites available online that offer Hindi-training courses or provide translation facilities. For instance, check out the below link for Gyan App’s English to Hindi translation:

Paul, producer of the Langfocus channel on YouTube, has just released a new video about the many languages of India. It’s interesting to anyone into languages in general, and probably much more so if you’re also interested in India: The *Many* Languages of INDIA! - YouTube

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